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              Metals & Metals Scrap




 We import  zinc metal which is used in a number of applications including glavanising, oxides, die castings and alloys.

 We import zinc in a variety of grades

    •    Special High Grade (SHG)

    •    High Grade (HG)

    •    Prime Western (PW)


 Our Special High Grade zinc products are LME registered products under the brand names

    •     SHG 99.99 ( Korea KZ , Australiya SMC  )

    •     SHG 99.995 ( AZ BRAND )


  Special high grade and high grade zinc are available in standard ingots of 25 kgs . Prime Western is also available in the

  standard ingots form of 25 kgs.


 We deal in a wide variety of steel products as listed below :- 

  • Flat Products


  • Long Products


  •  Semi-Finished


 Our global presence  has helped us to source scrap and market it in Asia. We offer different varieties of scrap:

  • High melting scrap (HMS)

  • Shredded Scrap

  • Turning Grade Scrap

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