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Rohstoffe is proud to be associated with the ISDS program of Government of India. It has engaged itself in Assessment job of Integrated Skill Development since last few years. We have assessed more than 19000 beneficiaries of various training centres from underprivileged segment of society in service sector, manufacturing sector and construction sector. One of our focus areas has been Textile & Apparel Sector, particularly spinning, weaving, Garmenting, Dyeing & Processing. 

We are working with various central and state Government department and ministries for assessment of various training programmes implemented by them. In textiles sector we have assessed Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) under Ministry of Textiles. We are having a wide range of experience in various textile sectors . Our assessors are well qualified and approved by Ministry. 


                     Under the ISDS Programme the effectiveness of training provided is examined by an independent third party called Assessor.  The assessment need to be carried out in an unbiased and professional manner.  Considering the target of ISDS under T&C sector there is a need to have a large pool of trained assessors for assessment of trainees being trained by different IAs. However, there may be more than one training centre under an IA.  Keeping this in mind the RSA decided to empanel professional assessment agencies engaged in assessment activities with large pool of qualified and experienced assessors to conduct assessment across India. 

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